The Payment Operating System Built for LatAm. Powered by AI.

We are LatAm’s payment intelligence platform – powered by artificial intelligence and our transactional data network.

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We are operating in Mexico with select customers. If you are based elsewhere in Latin America, we will contact you as we expand.

Our promise - grow profit, guaranteed

Our team previously ran a successful LatAm eCommerce business – and we struggled to find a great payment partner. So we built a payments system from scratch – designed to be truly in the best interest of customers. We guarantee you will grow sales and reduce costs. In fact, we are so confident in our promise - if your profit doesn’t grow, you don’t pay anything.

Built to grow profit

Our software grows sales by increasing approvals, reducing cart abandonment, and reducing your payment costs. The result - watch your profit grow, effortlessly.

Fully aligned with your success

We are unlike other payment companies. Rather than charge the highest fee possible, we track your profit and automatically grow it over time. If your profit doesn’t grow, you pay nothing.

Built with AI at our core

For us, AI isn’t a trendy buzz word. Our founder has worked in AI since 2001 - at Stanford and at leading AI startups - and we weave AI into every feature.

AI that maximizes approvals

Our AI automatically routes to highest approval processes via a cascading retry system behind the scenes.

AI that maximizes approvals

Use your existing payment providers and augment with our vast network of payment processors that constantly grows. Your customers only enter payment information once. We use AI to route based on the highest approval rate.

AI that helps customers fix errors

When an order is declined after multiple attempts, we automatically follow-up with customers – at checkout, on Whatsapp, or email – using an chatbot built on the same LLM tech that powers ChatGPT.

End ‘insufficient funds’ abandonment

When a customer is declined for insufficient funds we enable them to pay over time, using leading BNPL partners.

AI that minimizes cart abandonment

You’ve spent so much time and money getting great customers to your site – only to have them abandon you at checkout. Our AI driven technology helps you maximize your checkout completion rates.

Multi-channel follow-up

Automatically follow-up with abandoned carts using Whatsapp, SMS, or email based on your own rules – or use our AI to automatically optimize for you.

Conversion-optimized follow-up

Use our pre-built, conversion-optimized messages, or your own content. Either way, you are always 100% in control of your customer experience

Intelligent promotions

Ofrece cupones a clientes nuevos o existentes con el valor de vida estimado (LTV) más alto, y evita enviar cupones a los abusadores de promociones.

AI that lowers payment processing costs

Our pricing model allows us to continually lower your payment processing over time – without any extra work for you.

We continually add payment processors

We do the hard work of finding and integrating new payment processors. As a result – your payment processing costs continue to decline over time, without any extra work for you.

Avoid expensive payment methods

We also route to the lowest cost payment methods within each provider. For example, we can help customers pay through bank transfers instead of credit cards – helping you save a significant amount of money.

Pay the lowest cost

Unlike other companies, we never charge a payment fee. You pay the lowest payment cost available, without added fees.

Every Leading Payment Method – including Pay on Delivery

Your customers can pay with any major credit card, digital wallet, bank transfer and even Pay on Delivery. Your customers can pay right at delivery – without needing to go to a convenience store first.

Pay at checkout

With all major credit cards, digital wallets, and banks.

Pay with card on delivery

Stop losing customers at checkout. Instead, let your customers pay with card or bank transfer right at delivery.

Pay with cash on delivery

Use our leading delivery partners or your own delivery providers.

AI driven fraud controls

We designed fraud-control rules that help minimize chargebacks – or build your own.

Pre-optimized fraud controls

Easy enable pre-built fraud rules, based on recommendations for your industry.

Build your own fraud rules

Automatically add your own fraud-protection rules, without any custom engineering.

Chargeback guarantee

If you want full chargeback guarantee, we make it easy to partner with leading providers, using our pre-built integrations. No added fees.

Industry-leading security and trust

Nothing is more important to us than your trust and confidence. Our team is led by experienced fintech and engineering leaders who have spent their entire careers building some of the most secure and trusted financial systems worldwide.


Top talent. A massive mission. Now Hiring.

Our team comes from the top technology companies in the world. We're always looking for hard-working, mission-driven, and highly entrepreneurial people to join us.

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